How to ensure accessible University websites & applications

Ensuring accessible University websites

Public websites:

  • Site owners should run currently available accessibility tools (e.g., Color Contrast Analyzer, Wave, NVDA) during website development to check for U.S. Section 508 compliance.
  • Site owners should contact the ITS Accessibility Administrator by sending a request to to initiate scan configuration in Monsido.
  • Site owners will need to ensure that the Monsido crawler's IP address ( is whitelisted in their firewall configuration.
  • Once sites have been set up by the ITS Accessibility Administrator; the sites are scanned weekly.
  • Site owners should study the scan results and contact the ITS Accessibility Administrator with questions to address noncompliance issues. Additional scans may be requested to improve compliance adherence and increase the web site score.
  • Accessibility scores for "All" issues will be tracked.  This score includes potential issues that the site owner will need to review via the Monsido tool to raise the score.
  • Monsido accessibility scores are sent to the EIR Accessibility Coordinator every other month for disbursement to deans and vice presidents.

Ensuring accessible University applications

Externally Acquired or Purchased Applications

  1. The EIR Accessibility Coordinator will request a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) review by ITS Accessibility Administrator.
    • The VPAT is completed and provided by the application vendor.
  2. The EIR Accessibility Coordinator then uses a set of guidelines and criteria (product audience, scope of use, cost of software, etc…) to determine if accessibility testing on the application is needed.
    • This testing and evaluation will be done by the ITS Accessibility Administrator.

University-developed Applications

  • Software developers should run the currently available accessibility tools (e.g., Color Contrast Analyzer, Wave, NVDA) during application development to check for U.S. Section 508 compliance.
  • Guidance and review from the ITS Accessibility Administrator is available by sending a request to

Request a Scan or Review


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Email to request a Monsido scan for your web site, or an accessibility review for your application.